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Mongrel Chook


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This piece was originally created for the owner of a purebred, free range chicken farm based in Perth. When the owner of the farm asked me to create a portrait of one of her roosters, I was slightly amused, but ultimately excited for something a little different. I found a quirky looking bird that was wandering around the yard looking like he owned the place. After pursuing it around the pen for some time, I got the photograph he was looking for and began to create my first full colour cut card portrait. In order to create the image in cut card, I created 3 separate palettes for different parts of the piece. When I showed the final piece to the business owner she was horrified. All of the different breeds have their own pens to make sure that the chicks that are born are all purebred. Every now and then, though, one of the roosters gets into another pen and has a little party. As luck would have it, this bird was the result of one of these rooster adventures.

Dimensions: 64cm x 85cm