About John Davis

Before he started experimenting with art, John was a scientist working in the field of energy efficiency, and owned his own businesses in this field. He qualified in Applied Science – a cross between chemical engineering and analytical chemistry and went on to work on the response to greenhouse challenges in the cement industry for many years. After 25 years of this work, John felt the tug in his world to a different way of life, and his interest in Art started to bloom into something more.

John is able to view his art like an engineer would view a project, which brings a certain elegance and precision to his work.

What this has given you in terms of the way you live and the way you be every day?


There are certain things John has learnt over the years doing this work and he remembers that pivotal moment when he realised that in art, there are no accidents which has been so useful for him in many areas of his life. There is also the sense that a piece of art is its own entity and you have to recognise that it will show up the way it desires, you have to give up control and let the art be a part of creating itself.

What would you like to your art to create for people? What inspires you, when someone buys a piece of art?


A face can’t hide as much as what people think it can, so if you get a really nicely personalised photograph, this technique can bring out things and allow you to see a part of the person they can’t necessarily see themselves. Even the tiniest little changes can change the whole energy of a picture. It’s something you can enjoy from a distance and as you get closer you see more and more about the difference of it and how it’s put together.


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